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Our story

Kit and Sioned are a close team of friends that supported each other after a fortune teller told Sioned that she would excel one day in her baking skills, which made them more than determined to execute their dreams, and share with the world this amazing product. Between them they gave tasters out to friends and they all came back wanting more. That’s when Kit’s business skills got working and the wheel started to turn.

‘Bites made with cariad’ turned into the creation of CRYMS.

Ein stori

Mae Kit a Sioned yn dim agos o ffrindiau a oedd yn cefnogi ei gilydd ar ol i ddynes dweud ffortiwn ‘ddweud wrth Sioned y byddai’n rhagori un diwrnod yn ei sgiliau pobi, felly a oedd yn eu gwneud yn fwy penderfynol i weithredu eu breddwydion, a rhannu a’r byd y cynnyrch anghygoel hyn.

Rhyngddynt fe roddwyd ddarnau blasu allan i ffrindiau ac fe ddaeth nhw i gyd yn ol eisiau mwy! Dyna pryd y daeth sgiliau busnes Kit i weithio a dechreuoedd yr olwyn droi. 

Our flavours/Ein blasau


This is where CRYMS was born. A traditional plain shortbread made with so much love it floats.

Chocolate Orange/Siocled Oren
The traditional shortbread enriched in smooth dark chocolate and a touch of orange to tingle the taste buds.

Lemon Meringue/Lemwn
The traditional shortbread with added lemon pieces of meringue will leave you dreaming of leasing summer days.

Cinnamon and Pecan/ Sinamon a Pecan 
This shortbread with cinnamon and pecan gives to a crunchy bite to digest while enjoying winter nights by a log fire, and the snow flakes falling quietly out side.

Gluten Free/ Di Glwten
This product has turned out as one of our favourites. The light texture and vanilla flavouring gives you a feel good factor and is also very popular with non-gluten free.

Diabetic Ginger/ Sinsir Diabetig
This product was born after out diabetic friends tried and tasted various flavours. The natural crunchiness of the biscuit is enhanced with a gingery touch and is popular with children.

Fudge/ Ffwj
This is Sioned’s delight, loved by her family and friends, its so good it would be a pity not to put it on a shelf and share it with the world.

Treacle Toffee/ Taffi Triog 
This is Kit’s mother’s recipe, handed down through generations and its deep treacle flavour tickles your taste buds and well having in the cupboard as a special treat or a pick me up.